Video Tutorials

March 17, 2010

The settings provide an opportunity for parents to change the conditions of the application to challenge the child.

The BlackBoard application teaches the child to recognize and write numbers.

The goal for the Numbers and Apples application is to connect each number with its equivalent number of apples.

The goal for the Wagon and Pegs application is to collect the maximum amount of numbers in the time available using a wagon.


AlphaCount 1.3 bug fix released

March 17, 2010

After a short release cycle to make the app even better, 1.3 comes out with a bug removed.
Basically sometime the number was always staying on the blackboard in the “show throughout” mode. Not anymore!

1.1 Released. 1.2 on its way!

March 12, 2010

AlphaCount 1.1 contains enhancements to the number samples that makes recognition of writing numbers better.
1.2 will contain in application settings so users can change application conditions without leaving the application.

AlphaCount Facebook page added

March 6, 2010

Check it out at AplhaCount on Facebook

AlphaCount Available in iTunes

March 4, 2010

AlphaCount is available in iTunes for free!
Check it out at: Get it in iTunes

Splash Screen

BlackBoard entry level

BlackBoard counting skills

Number and shape connection

Fun with Numbers

Application status in review

March 4, 2010

Had to modify the lesson plan screen as I was advertising the upcoming letters lesson plan. Apple does not allow this. Therefore I have for now removed the lesson plan selection screen and the application launches directly to the numbers lesson plan. Hope this is the last “surprise”

Added special thanks page

March 1, 2010

Check it out. I could not have done it without all people and resources listed on this page!!

Application submitted to the AppStore

March 1, 2010

Video tutorials in French and English done!
Uploaded application and all meta-data in the AppStore…. Wait and see…

AlphaCount for iPhone

February 23, 2010

I have almost finished the application. I have done all French youtube video tutorials and now focusing on the English versions.